What is the generative artificial intelligence technology used in ChatGPT? How does it work?

In just a few months, a number of artificial intelligence applications have swept the Internet. Experts say that the world will not go back to the way it was before. Some of them even liken the revolution brought about by these apps to that brought about by the advent of the internet itself.

In just a few months, image generation applications such as ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Midjourny, which provide text generation services, have become the topic and focus of the world, making ChatGPT rapidly rise to become the fastest growing Internet application, so that the giant Microsoft Invested $10 billion in it and acquired the right to use it in its program. How do these new technologies work? What is the secret of its strength and ability to produce a business inseparable from human production?
generative artificial intelligence

These applications are based on an artificial intelligence technique that has been in development for years, called generative AI, so named for its ability to generate new content based on pre-existing data. The technology’s capabilities range from generating images, sounds and text to video clips.

The technology trains an artificial intelligence model on a vast array of human products, such as books, articles, and drawings, so that the model uses this data to learn patterns and relationships between the different elements within it. After training with data, the model can be used to generate new content by predicting the next element in a series of possible elements. For example, AI does not understand the meaning of a simple phrase like “students go to school”, but by training on millions of texts, it has a knowledge base that can estimate that students are a subject, and school is a place, and it should be, Not because the AI ​​understood what a preposition is, but because he noticed that in the text he was trained on, words always followed “to.” Then, with enough training, the model will be able to write a similar sentence, even if it wasn’t in the data it was trained on previously.

So, if an AI model is trained on a set of data containing news articles, it will be able to generate new articles that closely resemble those written by humans. Text generation is an area of ​​artificial intelligence technology that relies on so-called natural language processing.