The Most Prominent Kids’ Bedtime Story App

A good night’s sleep can boost children’s health, improve memory and behavior, and make them happier overall. But many children may encounter some problems before falling asleep, causing them to be unable to fall asleep quickly, and a good way to solve the child’s sleep problems is to let him listen to some stories before falling asleep. These stories develop children’s imaginations and help them relax and sleep better.

If you’re looking for stories for kids and to help them sleep better, you can take advantage of the following apps that contain bedtime stories for kids:

1- Kids bedtime audio story app:
The app (Bedtime Audio Stories for Kids) features simple audio stories, no very long or short stories, and is suitable for children under 6 years old.

This application allows you to add soothing music while listening to the stories, besides that, you can repeat the story narration multiple times or choose a list of stories to play one after the other.

Only 6 stories are available in this app for free, but you can access the rest for a small fee.

This app is available for Android users for free on the Google Store, and there is an in-app subscription to access all available stories.

2- Bedtime story app:
Bedtime Stories contains a large collection of fairy tales for children. You can also add your child’s favorite stories to playlists so they can easily find and listen to them later.

The content of this app is not limited to stories, it also has cute melodies and soothing sounds that you can play to help your baby sleep well.

The app is available for iPhone users in the App Store and for Android users in the Google Store for free with an in-app subscription.