Most Famous Sites to Listen and Download Audiobooks for Free

If you’re a book lover but don’t have enough time to sit down and start reading e-books or paper books, you can listen to audiobooks anytime, such as on the go, at your computer at work, or in your car.

The following sites offer complete and free audiobooks that you can download and listen to anytime, some of which offer apps for download on your phone or tablet:

1- LibriVox website:
LibriVox has a large collection of free audiobooks, which are recordings of volunteer voices for a set of books in different fields.

You can find audiobooks through the search tool by entering the title, author name, book subject, or language of a specific book. Or browse all the books on the site under the (Browse Catalog) section and select the audiobook you want to listen to.

After selecting a specific book and clicking on its name, you will be taken to a page with a description of the book. Chapters from this book are available in separate audio recordings. You can listen to chapters individually directly from the website without downloading them.

If you want to download the entire audiobook, with each chapter recorded individually, you can download the zip file directly from the LibriVox website. Some books are also available for download as torrent and M4B files.

The books are also available on the site’s LibriVox Audio Books app, which is available in the App Store for iPhone users and Google Play for Android users.

2- Internet Archive:
The Most Famous Sites to Listen and Download Audiobooks

The Internet Archive has a large collection of free audiobooks that you can browse by topic, or use the built-in search tool to search for a specific book.

The site groups books by subject. After selecting a group, you’ll be taken to a page that shows all the books in that group and indicates how many times the book has been read, making it easier to find the most popular books.