Most Famous Sites to Listen and Download Audiobooks for Free

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If you’re a book lover but don’t have enough time to sit down and start reading e-books or paper books, you can listen to audiobooks anytime, such as on the go, at your computer at work, or in your car. The following sites offer complete and free audiobooks that you can download and listen to … Read more

6 privacy protection settings in TikTok and how to use them

TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps for teens. It provides them endless entertainment videos. But many children and teens who shared videos of themselves on TikTok were bullied and ridiculed. There were also concerns about violent or immoral videos, and inappropriate messages sent by anonymous users. If you have teens with … Read more

Gates: ChatGPT bots will change the world

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said Friday he believes the popular chatbot ChatGPT will “change the world.” To promote GBT Chat, which has become a hit since its launch in late November, the smart chatbot will make many office functions more efficient, the 67-year-old said. GBT Chat provides amazingly human responses, answering follow-up questions, admitting mistakes, … Read more